What Is SSAPortal?

SSAPortal will give you access to your plan documents, forms, mailings, claims, explanation of benefits and more!

You can also access SSAPortal from your mobile device.

Some of the features include:

  • View all your plan documents
  • Change your Address online
  • Lookup Eligibility History
  • See your Deductibles
  • View your Claims with detailed breakdowns
  • View your Pension Benefit with a yearly breakdown
  • More Features on the way!

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Welcome to Southwest Service Administrators, Inc.


We have very exciting news! You now have available to you a new application entitled SSAPortal.
It will give you access to your plan documents, forms, mailings, claims, explanation of benefits and more!
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Password: LOE


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Lookup Claims

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Explanation of Benefits

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My Documents

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