What Is SSAPortal?

SSAPortal will give you access to your plan documents, forms, mailings, claims, explanation of benefits and more!

You can also access SSAPortal from your mobile device.

Some of the features include:

  • View all your plan documents
  • Change your Address online
  • Lookup Eligibility History
  • See your Deductibles
  • View your Claims with detailed breakdowns
  • View your Pension Benefit with a yearly breakdown
  • More Features on the way!

Create an account today by either using an activation code or using security questions.

By Activation Code
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By Security Questions
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Welcome to Southwest Service Administrators, Inc.

  • Who is Southwest Service Administrators?
  • As an independent Third Party Administrator "TPA" specializing in labor-management, Taft-Hartley Fund Administration, we are pleased to provide our SSAPortal offering access 24/7 for:

    • Member Online Assistance
    • Provider Online Assistance
    • Trustee Online Assistance
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Where do I get my forms?
      -Log into ssaportal and click on the "My Documents" application then click on the the "My Forms" tab.
    • How do I change my address?
      -Log into ssaportal and click on the "My Account" application then click on the the "Change Address" button.
    • How do I find a doctor for my Health and Welfare plan?
      -Click on the "Members" tab then choose your group. You will then see "Health Provider Links".